Holistic yoga

Yoga for all is a holistic yoga studio sharing the wisdom and practice of yoga leaving students feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Our classes encourage health, fitness, happiness and wellbeing through the practice of yoga and yoga therapy. You will leave feeling energised and refreshed in both body and mind giving you space to move forward happily and peacefully.


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Benefits of yoga

Balanced Mind & Body

Yoga encourages you to relax, slow your breath, and focus on the present, shifting the balance from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. You'll find both your stress levels and blood pressure reduced.

Strength & Flexibility

Aches and pains related to tight muscles and joints or weak muscles will start to fade and poses you once thought impossible will become more accessible to you. Yoga means you won't need to sacrifice strength for flexibility

Increased Lung & Heart Function

When you regularly get your heart rate up, you lower your risk of heart attack. Yoga will improve your overall lung function, including the volume of breath and the efficiency of exhalation.

Improved Emotional Health

Higher energy levels result in increased happiness, higher self-esteem and deeper sleep. Consistent yoga practice improves depression and an increase in serotonin levels and a decrease in the levels of cortisol.

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What our customers say

I had the pleasure of going on a yoga and Ayurveda trip to India, organised by Marian. It was a great experience with a wonderful group of people. I felt that the nature of the group was a reflection on Marian herself. Her energy seems to attract the nicest of people.


Marians training in Somatics adds greatly to her classes as she has a huge knowledge of the subtleties of movement. I love that her classes are so holistic. She threads her sessions with teachings about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Her energy and commitment in the classes comes, I feel, from her deep belief in the integrity of yoga and its ability to heal.


A magnificent Yoga Sanctuary positioned in wondrous secluded surroundings in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Yoga teachers who are UNIQUE and truly INSPIRING. Inimitable hosts providing sumptuous food , great company, kindness and the sentiment of a heartwarming family gathering. A place to REPLENISH, REINVENT, RESTORE & REVITALISE. I am looking forward immensely to my 4th trip next year.