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Love your face

I was asked a question lately at the end of one of my body/mind Yoga experiences. What is face Yoga? I said simply, it's yoga for the face. For those who practice bodily yoga, you know the many health benefits and how good it makes you feel, well, multiply that by 100 and you can kind of guess the feel-good factor from practicing face yoga.   There are thousands of face yogis all over the world feeling better and looking better because of this practice. It's not only about wrinkles, as we know we are going to age but to become aware that...


How it Began

So here's a little bit about me. I am from a little town in Co. Galway called Milltown in the west of Ireland. I was raised on a farm so I know all about hard work, animals and nature but probably didn’t appreciate it enough during that time. In fact, I hated farming and promised myself I would never marry a farmer. I moved to Kilkenny about 10 years ago, I just love this city and everything about it. I settled in the day I arrived and my yoga business has thrived over the last 10 years. It was love that brought me to Kilkenny and I didn’t...


How it Began | Yoga Blog

Which Yoga Style is for me?

You want to do yoga but you're not sure which type is best for your personality and your ability? Don't worry, we've prepared a guide to explain each type so that you can decide which style is the best for you. SIVANANDA YOGA A traditional form of yoga practice which concentrates on breath control, stretching, and silent meditation. Sivananda yoga consists of twelve basic yoga poses, designed to increase strength and flexibility and to improve the sitting position for longer meditations. These poses are practised in a sequence, stimulating...


Yoga Styles | Yoga Blog

Saying “YES” to 2021

I found it difficult to say "Happy New Year" this year with all that is going on in our world right now.  It could make you crawl deep under the duvet and not come out until it's all over and done with. Feel what you feel, don't ignore it, acknowledge it and then try let it go, "our energy creates our reality". I'm kind of understanding the workings of the squirrel right now and thinking it's not a bad way of living.  But we are not squirrels, are we? Sometimes I feel down about it all, yes me, even me, a yoga teacher with all the tools...


Saying Yes to 2021 | Yoga Blog