dōTERRA means “Gift of the Earth” and that’s what it truly is. A certified therapeutic grade oil, supporting and changing lives for the better.  Doterra’s mission is to educate as many people as possible on natures healing. 

Do you need: 

– more sleep
– more happiness
– more balance
– more support
– more motivation
– more energy
– more digestion

– less sad 
– less stress 
– less pain 
– less inflammation
– less overwhelm 
– less angry 

To name but only few of the emotions and feeling states that doterra essential oils can help and support you with.  If you wish to have a free educational dōTERRA class please contact Marian Dolan (dōTERRA advocate) on 086-3082450 or email marian@yogaforall.ie.

For further information about dōTERRA click here.

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