St Mullens

Menopause-Yoga Retreat – Moving Into Wholeness

24-26th November 2023

St.Mullins, Co Carlow

Menopause yoga is much more than just a style of yoga, it is a carefully crafted, holistic, and factual proven method that educates and empowers women to embrace the natural transition of pre-, peri-, menopause, and postmenopause. My teacher said, “Once we understand the true nature of a woman’s life cycle, we can celebrate our feminine energy, acknowledge the wisdom within us, and share the knowledge with our younger generations so that they view their menopausal years not with fear and anxiety but instead as a time of liberation, creativity, respect, and empowerment”, Petra Coveney(the creator of Menopause-Yoga). All too often we have been led to believe that life is nearly over when we get to middle age or before, we sometimes feel unseen and unheard. At this time of life, we get pulled in all directions, teenagers, aging parents, full-time work which can cause our whole world to spin out of control so much so that the simplest of tasks just seem too much. If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to know more please join me on this upcoming experiential retreat.


This retreat is booked out, there is a cancellation list, if you wish to be added Email me at