21 Day Mindful Meditation Practice


15TH MARCH - 4TH APRIL @ 7:00 - 7: 30AM

Science has proved that meditation practice has a profound effect on our overall health and wellbeing and especially concerning stress and anxiety which have a detrimental effect on all the other systems in the body, e.g digestive and immune system.

You are invited to this self-empowering journey over 21 days to establish or re-establish a regular meditation practice to discover your true nature. We are now in the lead up to Easter and this is the perfect, natural time of year to participate in some de-cluttering and cleansing of the mind/body and hopefully form a life long habit.

During this process it's a good idea to ask ourselves three questions. What are we adding-in to our lives to make it better this year, (yes 2021) what do we need to let go of, and what sustains us?

Meditation can help in answering these questions when we take the time to step back and just pause in presence, entering into a self enquiry. The practice can help take control of a very scattered, worrying, mind and bring us to a place of peace and calm.

Over the course of 21 days, we will connect and support each other, we will use the breath, mantra, mindfulness techniques, quiet time and journaling to guide us to the timeless wisdom that lives inside of us.