VENUE:  KSP (Kilkenny School Project)
TIME: 06:15 PM

Are you in pain? Niggles here and there? Back pain? Neck Pain? Shoulder Pain? Hip pain? Foot pain? Does it show on your face? Tried everything else but still the same? Spent a fortune on therapists? And still no good.
This was me until I stumbled upon Hanna Somatic Education. I had so many huge aha moments from day one along with great physical and mental relief, I trained immediately to be a somatic coach. I feel privileged to be able to share this practice with you, what I know to be a truly amazing movement practice that actually sets us up for everything else we want and love to do.
When we think of health care, we immediately think of the expensive package we pay for if/when we get sick. All of that is fine but what about providing for our present health, how do we invest in that? This offering is not for when you get sick (please don't wait for that) it's for now. Ask yourself right you want a long, active, happy, full, life and do all the things you love right into your later years? Most importantly with no pain and a balanced mind. If the answer is yes, sign up straight away, you will not regret it.
Open to all bodies (somas) able to get up and down from the floor.