Happy Hips, Back, and Pelvis

First of all, prevention is better than cure, so start now, don’t wait. Sitting for long periods plays havoc on the body but especially the back, pelvis and spine. Do you sit a lot for work? Have you a habit of crossing your legs? Are you noticing any dull achy pains on one side of your back/sacram or hips? Are you taking painkillers and suffering harsh side/direct effects? Are you on a wait list for a back/hip operation? What is required from you is, a desire to be pain-free, a little bit of space on the floor for your mat and of course, belief in what you are doing. Your spine is so much more than bones, it’s your communication centre and if that communication centre breaks down, you are inviting a pleather of problems and we are not just talking physical. A youthful spine is not necessarily a young person’s spine, it’s flexible, mobile, agile and it goes all the way down to your coccyx and all the way up to your occiput, half way up your head. Let’s nourish the spine and all the responsibilities it holds.