Saying “YES” to 2021

I found it difficult to say “Happy New Year” this year with all that is going on in our world right now.  It could make you crawl deep under the duvet and not come out until it’s all over and done with. Feel what you feel, don’t ignore it, acknowledge it and then try let it go, “our energy creates our reality”. I’m kind of understanding the workings of the squirrel right now and thinking it’s not a bad way of living.  But we are not squirrels, are we?

Sometimes I feel down about it all, yes me, even me, a yoga teacher with all the tools under my belt, I still get down and find it hard to get back on track.  Knowing you are there for me gets me back on track and vice versa. I hope you too will be inspired once again. The intention is to give you a little nudge or perhaps a gentle kick in the backside to get going again (in jest my friends).  Good news is I will be on the zooming in on the mat from Monday 11th January.

I am not setting any big resolutions this year, I just want to feel good, simple as that, and I suggest you go easy on yourself as well. There is enough to contend with externally right now.  That’s not to say we bury our heads in the sand either, we can take care of inner selves.  It’s important to have our little goals and dreams set for the year ahead. To avoid overwhelm when thinking about this we can break up our goals and dreams into little bite size pieces like we break up a yoga pose into segments and in our brain this will be more acheivable. Trust me, I know as I’ve broken every new year resolution I’ve ever had when it comes to January.   Now a bit older an wiser, small little achievements day by day are ok, I’m happy with that.  For example I cleaned out the cutlery drawer and tea towel drawer the other day, totally unplanned and I felt so happy with myself, the little things eh!

Since the 1st of January, I’m part of a 21 day manifesting, journaling experience which is bringing me back out of my contracted shell and into my strong resilient self which I am of course.  Never underestimate the power of the mind, it can bring you one way or the other in seconds so practice, practice, practice is the only way through to conscious living.

We have choices, keep remembering this, it’s vital to some of our survival especially now.  Our connection through the zoom screen may not be your no. 1 choice, but it could make a huge difference in the way you feel, it possibly saves us from self-sabotage and judgement.  When our outer state seems impossible, our inner state has gone off key so the message is again, take care of your inner and the outer will be easier, I’m not saying perfect but much more manageable.

If anyone new wants to join our gorgeous community, you will be welcomed with open arms virtually so don’t hesitate to make contact .  We are in this together, healing begins with other people but self love begins with you.  So to show yourself some self-love, come and join us.

Our aim is not shame,  it’s love and compassion all the way. Find a class that suits your body and energy right now and get on board, the hardest part is the start, that’s where strength of mind comes into play.  If you don’t change anything, nothing will change, read that again……  Miracles happen when we are open to new things, when we say YES, I’m not saying it’s an easy road but with support and guidance you can find a way forward into the beauty that life has to offer.

Right now we have gorgeous crisp weather where we can wrap up, put on our scarf, hat, warm wooly socks, get some sunlight, see the blue sky, see the bare trees that will be sprouting life soon again and that goes for us as well. Call this preparation time, getting ready for a great Summer. This is the beginning of something new, something good, something that may change your life for the better, all I ask is give it a chance.

We can do this, we will do this, we will get through this, I can’t do it without you and I hope you can’t do without the teachings, the inspiration, the poetry, the positivity, the learning, the creativity, the love that is shared, the surrender, the camaraderie, the connectedness, and sure a much more flexible body, throw that in at the end.

So…. what are you saying “Yes” to this year 2021?  I’m saying Yes to joy, yes to great relationships, yes to love, yes to balance, yes to strength, yes to a healthy body/mind, etc. etc. etc.

Let’s not look too far ahead, one step at a time, one breath at a time, one class at a time, one week at a time. How are you going to show up for yourself?