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deepen the inner state of equanimity and balance

Doterra Aromatouch | Yoga For All

CPTG = certified, pure, tested, grade oils sourced ethically from the most fertile grounds on this planet. This very effective technique utilizes 8 eight individual essential oils and oil blends that have demonstrated profound effects on four conditions that constantly challenge the ability of the body’s systems to function optimally: stress, increased toxin levels, inflammation and autonomic nervous system imbalance. Oils are applied with intention to the spine, back and feet. Various hand techniques are used for maximum effect both on the back and the reflex points of the feet. The power of the oils will leave totally relaxed and renewed. A fantastic way to end/begin the week or anytime, the technique guides and slides you into the parasympathetic system (rest & digest). Once you start to experience these oils and their medicinal properties, you will be craving to know more. A treatment like no other.

Stress reducing oils: Balance & Lavender
Immune support inducing oils: Tee-Tree & On-Guard
Inflammatory reducing oils: Aroma Touch & Deep Blue
Autonomic balancing oils: Peppermint & Orange

Combined with hands-on healing (reiki practice) to further deepen the inner state of equanimity and balance. Total Bliss.

N.B. A thorough health and wellbeing consultation will be carried out in advance of treatment by phone. All data privately secured.


COST: €75